Women Bishops in Australia?
Option Three

(The full text of this option is available in the print version of this report)

Province-based legislative model integrating suffragan bishops into the national (General Synod) House of Bishops

This Option envisages collegial action by the college of bishops in a Province to provide, from among or in addition to their number, episcopal care to those who request it. In this Option, suffragan bishops are created with a notional See conferring the authority of a diocesan and seats in the House of Bishops, to provide alternative episcopal oversight. The appointed bishop would act at the invitation of the Archbishop with the consent of the diocesan bishops, in turn acting on the request of parishes under the terms of specific regulations, to offer liturgical, pastoral and sacramental ministry to parishes, other church bodies, and individual clergy, and also to administer confirmation and ordination where appropriate.



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