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Guidelines and Information

Welcome to St Peter's Playgroup.

We desire that this playgroup will be a place of welcome, safety, happy companionship, support and learning for both children and adults. Please abide by these guidelines to help everyone enjoy a great playgroup experience.


We start our playgroup with free play, followed by craft activity or songs. As young children's attention span is relatively shirt, we adjust our activities on the day to ensure children enjoy them and gain a rewarding experience.

Snack Time

Each week we have a shared snack time. Please bring healthy snacks, such as fruit or cheese or rice crackers, for your children to share. Please don't bring sweet biscuits.

We are nut free — so please no nuts, Nutella or peanut butter at playgroup.

Cleaning up

We appreciate your help to pack toys away and wash up used cups and plates at the end of each session.

Gold Coin Donation

This playgroup is a not-for-profit community group. We would appreciate a gold coin contribution or any amount you can give. Your donation will enable us to purchase additional toys, percussion instruments and craft supplies.


Parents are responsible for their own children whilst at playgroup. However, sometimes parents may be helping in the kitchen, or with another child, and cannot always be watchful of their child. Therefore, if the situation is dangerous, another parent may step in to assist with appropriate intervention. An explanation of what has occurred and the action taken then needs to be shared with that child's parent. The safety and wellbeing of every child in our playgroup is paramount.

Toys are to be shared equally — turn taking etc. Please participate with your child/ren during craft times and during music times — i.e., please refrain from talking and listen to what the leaders are asking during these times, modelling good listening skills to our children

We discourage the following behaviours:

  • Disrespect towards other children or adults;
  • Screaming or shouting;
  • Agressive behaviour;
  • Slamming doors;
  • Children in cupboards;
  • Walking around eating food without sitting in pram or at tables.

If possible, please don't bring toys from home as this can be upsetting for your child/ren if another child starts to play with them.

For the safety of all, we ask that no children be allowed in the kitchen.

We hope that everyone has a great year and thank you for attending St Peter's Playgroup.

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