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Music List - October, 2014

October 11am Setting Missa 'L'hora passa' Viadana
5th Motet Franciscus humilis Gesualdo
Postlude Fanfare K Leighton
St Francis 5pm Taizé

October 11am Setting Missa Gaudeamus Victoria
12th Motet The Lord is my Shepherd Goodall
Postlude Paean P Moore
Ordinary 5pm Responses plainsong
Sunday 28 Canticles plainsong
Postlude Prelude on Salve Regina Marcel Dupré

October 11am Setting Missa Viri Galilaei Palestrina
19th Motet Salvator mundi Tallis
Postlude Allegro maestoso (Sonata No. 2) Felix Mendelssohn
Ordinary 5pm Responses plainsong
Sunday 29 Canticles plainsong
Postlude Prelude in D (BWV 539) J S Bach

October 11am Setting Mass for Three Voices William Byrd
26th Motet Panis angelicus César Franck
Postlude Pageant P Moore
Ordinary 5pm Responses Ferial
Sunday 30 Canticles C H Stewart
Anthem Panis angelicus C Franck
Postlude Meditation on 'Arnstadt' by Adam Drese J Clokey

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