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Music List - August, 2016

August 11am Setting Missa 'O quam gloriosum est regnum' Victoria
7th Motet In te speravi Palestrina
Dedication Postlude Prelude & Fugue on a theme of Vittoria Britten
Sunday 6pm Low Mass

August 11am Setting Missa Assumpta est Maria Palestrina
14th Motet Ave maris Stella Dufay
Ordinary Postlude Prélude, Fugue et Variation Franck
Sunday 20 6pm Low Mass

August 11am Setting Missa Ave Maria Stella TL de Victoria
21st Motet Expectans expectavi Orlande de Lassus
Ordinary Postlude Praeludium in G (BuxWV 147) Buxtehude
Sunday 21 6pm Low Mass

August 11am Setting Mass for Four Voices Monteverdi
28th Motet Greater Love Hath No Man Ireland
Postlude Toccata in F (BuxWV 157) Buxtehude
Ordinary 6pm Responses plainsong
Sunday 22 Canticles plainsong
Postlude Prelude on a theme of Palestrina Milner

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