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Music List - February, 2016

February 6.15pm Introit Suscepimus, Deus plainsong
2nd Setting Communion Service in F Harold Darke
Motet Nunc Dimittis Gustav Holst
Candlemas Postlude Concerto in A minor (BWV 593) J S Bach

February 11am Setting Mass for Four Voices Byrd
7th Motet O sacrum convivium Tallis
Ordinary Postlude The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba Handel
Sunday 5 6pm Low Mass

February 6.15pm Setting
10th Imposition
Ash Motet
Wednesday Postlude

February 11am Setting Missa Trahe me post te Victoria
14th Motet Remember not, Lord, our offences Purcell
Postlude Chorale Gawthrop
Lent 1 6pm Low Mass

February 11am Setting
21st Motet
Lent 2 6pm Low Mass

February 11am Setting
28th Motet
Lent 3 6pm Responses

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