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Music List - September, 2015

September 6.15pm Setting Communion Service in F H Darke
2nd Motet Panis Angelicus C Franck
NG Martyrs Postlude Prelude and Fugue in Eminor (BWV 555) J S Bach

September 11am Setting
6th Motet
Ordinary Postlude Toccata Boëllmann
Sunday 23 6pm Low Mass

September 11am Setting
13th Motet
Ordinary Postlude Deuxième Fantaisie Alain
Sunday 24 6pm Low Mass

September 11am Setting
20th Motet
Ordinary Postlude Mein Weg hat Gipfel and Wellentäler Pärt
Sunday 25 6pm Low Mass

September 11am Setting
27th Motet
Ordinary 6pm Responses plainsong
Sunday 26 Canticles plainsong

September 6.15pm Setting
29th Motet
Michaelmas Postlude

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