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Music List - October, 2016

October 11am Setting Missa Sancti Johannes de Deo Joseph Haydn
2nd Motet Expectans expectavi Wood
Ordinary Postlude Fugue in D (BWV 539)
Sunday 27 6pm Low Mass

October 11am Setting
9th Motet
Ordinary Postlude Tuba Tune Lang
Sunday 28 6pm Low Mass

October 11am Setting
16th Motet
Ordinary Postlude 2em Fantasie Alain
Sunday 29 6pm Low Mass

October 11am Setting
23rd Motet
Postlude Bells Langlais
Ordinary 6pm Responses plainsong
Sunday 30 Canticles plainsong

October 11am Setting
30th Motet
Ordinary Postlude Exultation Jackson
Sunday 31 6pm Low Mass

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