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Music List - May, 2016

May 11am Setting Missa 'Ascendens Christus' Victoria
1st Motet Cantate Domino Isaac
Postlude A toi la Gloire Maddox
Easter 6 6pm Low Mass

May 6.15pm Setting
5th Motet
Ascension Postlude Festival Voluntary Peeters

May 11am Setting
8th Motet
Postlude Fanfare for the Risen Christ Mawby
Easter 7 6pm Low Mass

May 11am Setting
15th Motet
Pentecost 6pm Low Mass

May 11am Setting
22nd Motet
Trinity 6pm Responses plainsong
Sunday Canticles plainsong

May 6.15pm Setting
26th Motet
Corpus Christi Postlude

May 11am Setting
29th Motet
Ordinary Postlude
Sunday 9 6pm Low Mass

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