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St Peter's Choir and Music Foundation

A new charitable foundation has been set up to support the future growth of the choir and music at St Peter's Eastern Hill. The foundation, which we have called St Peter's Eastern Hill Choir and Music, will operate as a sub-fund of the Melbourne Anglican Cultural Organisation Inc. It will enable tax-deductible donations to be given for the ongoing promotion and development of music at the Hill. All donations will (less a small administration fee imposed by the Organisation) go directly to music at the Hill.

Setting up the foundation is the first step in a 10 point plan for the choir and music over the next 18 months that we, as the Co-Directors of Music from 9 July, have put together with the Vicar's support. A summary of the plan is set out below. We are very excited to have the opportunity to grow music in the Parish and always welcome your feedback and comments (our contact details are in the pew sheet). We hope that, as parishioners, you will support us, the rest of the music team and the choir as we put this plan into place.

Andrew Raiskums and Julian Clarke
Joint Directors of Music

St Peter's Choir and Music 10 Point Plan

  1. Setting up a tax-deductible music foundation with the aim of providing a long-term sustainable platform from which music at the Hill can be grown.
  2. Through the music foundation (1) offer 8 choral scholarships in order to provide a consistent and competent base off which to build the choir; (2) improve the choir's ability to purchase new sheet music for which there is currently no budget.
  3. Grow choir numbers (including scholars) to 16 by October 2009 and 20-24 by October 2010.
  4. Continue the broad range of repertoire the choir does now, with a focus on early polyphony but also trying to recognise more Anglican music and music in English.
  5. Ensure the choir is professionally managed and organised, including through the publication of music lists and the appointment of a choir manager.
  6. Work with the clergy to ensure that the choir contributes in a meaningful way to the liturgy and to the overall mission of the Church.
  7. Have a team based approach to music but one with strong leadership.
  8. Ensure that the level of commitment required from the choir fairly matches availability of singers: broadly speaking, this means continuing the current 11.00 High Mass arrangements; instituting a choir holiday in January; and, revisiting the music offered on a Sunday afternoon in line with a broader review of Sunday afternoon/evening liturgy. If possible, we would like to offer a full choir choral evensong once a month.
  9. Work with the clergy and congregation to revitalise 9.30 music.
  10. Do something (in the longer term) about the organs, which are in need of replacement or reconditioning.


If you would like to make a fully tax-deductible donation to the St Peter's Eastern Hill Choir and Music foundation, please download the form from the link below, and return it to The Secretary, The Melbourne Anglican Cultural Organisation Inc., The Anglican Centre, 209 Flinders Lane, Melbourne, Victoria 3000.

Click here to download the form to make a donation...

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