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Seminar 8:
Understanding Burma:
Walking Alongside Chin
and Karen Christians

Burma suffers under a brutal regime. Its ethnic minorities, such as the Karen and Chin, suffer even more. And Christians (mostly found among the minorities) face another level of persecution. On top of all this, Cyclone Nargis hit in May 2008.

Australia is receiving a steady stream of refugees from Burma, and the church has a big role in welcoming them. This seminar will help us to understand what is happening in Burma and how we can walk alongside Burmese Christians, particularly the Karen and Chin.

Why does the military regime have such a grip? Why are the Karen fighting for autonomy? What forms of persecution do the Chin and Karen experience? What is happening in the camps on the Thai-Burma border? How does the faith of the Karen and Chin Christians survive? How many are now in Melbourne and where do they meet? How can we help? Why is solidarity with these people an important part of expressing our faith today?

Date Thursday 18 June
Time 7.30 pm – 9.30 pm
Venue St Peter's, Eastern Hill
Cost $15 (concession: $12)
Conductor Professor Ross Langmead
Professor Langmead teaches mission studies at Whitely College and is a member at Westgate Baptist Community, where there are growing Chin and Karen communities. He has visited the Thai-Burma border and taught in Rangoon.

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