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Seminar 1:
The Presence of
the Present

What is the quality of today? What is the present we find in the present moment and what quality of presence need we practise in order to be open to this gift?

On this day we take time to practise pilgrimage, poetry, and presence in the midst of a busy city. And in this Lenten Quiet day, we will experience the silence of God's presence in three places and three modes. We will take time to practise listening to and writing poetry as an act of prayer and praise; time to practise prayerful and silent witness waiting in a building set apart for worship and prayer; mindfully walking in a great park; and watching as silent witnesses for the holy presence of God's love in the busy roads of a major city. So take a day to allow yourself to be "God's ears in the listening, God's eyes in the seeing, God's voice in the speaking", as we strive to see that hidden glory in the midst of everywhere.

Date Saturday 15 March
Time 10.00 am - 3.30 pm
Venue St Peter's Church, Eastern Hill
Cost $30 (concession: $25)   NOTE: this includes lunch
Conductor Robert Whalley
teaches online at University of San Francisco, and is
Director of the Merton Centre, Melbourne,

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