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Seminar 9:
Homosexuality in Christian tradition

Christian tradition has always treated homosexual practices - though not always homosexual love - as sinful. However, the degree of sinfulness it has accorded homosexuality has varied considerably, creating a tradition that can best be regarded as ambivalent. For some periods in Western Christian history, homosexual activity has been regarded as no more sinful than gluttony; at other times, it has been regarded as the grossest of abominations, punishable by death.

This tradition needs to be understood in the context of Christian views on heterosexual activities, including teachings now abandoned by the Church, such as the strict rules which once governed marital intimacy.

DateWednesday 23 August
Time7.30 - 9.30 pm
VenueSt. Peter's, Eastern Hill, Melbourne
Cost$15 (includes light refreshment)

Conductor: Dr Muriel Porter, feminist, author and journalist, member of many major church committees



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