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Seminar 5:
City churches as spiritual powerhouses

A building of beauty on which to focus: an oasis of peace: a challenge to those who pass by. Four speakers in three sessions will examine the different perspectives of a city church, which can and should include all of these elements.


Melbourne City Churches in Action have always tried to reach out to the life of our city. How can the various city Christian Congregations enrich and encourage each other? How do we more fully engage those who live, work in or visit Melbourne with Christ's Gospel? In the frenetic 'busyness' of life, our churches and communities of faith are places of life, hope and peace showing our city a different Way. One of our goals is to develop Melbourne's 'Way of the Cross', where, on Good Friday we will walk the way of Jesus': Passion, stopping at various 'stations', which in time will be marked by permanent sculptures, while this 'walk' will become one of Melbourne's official walks.
Conductor:Revd Peter Gador-Whyte, Presbyter, Wesley Church, Melbourne and Convenor, NIelbourne City Churches in Action


For over 150 years St. Francis' Church has been a house of prayer in the heart of Melbourne. As the city has grown and changed, so has St. Francis'. From the very beginning, constant efforts have been made to enhance and adapt the church for each generation of worshippers. Recent conservation works have secured the building for the new millenium. Part of its appeal lies in the modesty of its dimensions. At its best, St. Francis' breathes a spirit of hospitality and welcome: an oasis in the heart of the city for all on their pilgrim way. It is a rare place indeed.
Conductors:Fr Peter Collins, Senior Pastor and Leader and
Fr Ken Boland, both of the Community of the Blessed Sacrament, St. Francis' Church, Melbourne.


In medieval cities the visible impact of Churches was to point the human eye from the mundane, the trivial round, the grime, towards Heaven. In modern cities, regardless of how large the Cathedral, how tall its spire, it is likely to be dwarfed by cathedrals of commerce and industry. These modern monuments of human achievement have subverted the image.

City Churches and Cathedrals remain unique as buildings for all people. Glorious and beautiful, they exist for the poor and lowly as for the rich and powerful. Their place at the heart - affords them a unique opportunity to emphasize God as the centre of human life. They are therefore the Gospel fabricated in stone and brick, wood and glass.
Conductor:Very Revd David Richardson, Dean of St. Paul's Cathedral, Melbourne


DateSaturday 3 June
Time10 am - 3.30 pm
VenueSt. Peter's, Eastern Hill, Melbourne
Cost$30 (includes lunch)



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