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Seminar 4:
Setting the agenda for society: Whose role?

Historically the welfare sector has responded to the needs of those who are poor, and by poor we have meant those who are economically disadvantaged. We have left the ordering of society to others, and as the welfare sector, we have dealt with the fallout of that ordering. Some of us, like the Brotherhood of St. Laurence, have also been involved in trying to temper the ordering of that society to the benefit of those who have been most disadvantaged, by our research, social action and advocacy.

While our politicians are concerned about the economic ordering of society, and our Churches are limited to being concerned about who shares our beliefs system, whose responsibility is it to set the agenda for a world based on values - possibly Christian values, like love and justice.

DateWednesday 10 May
Time7.30 - 9.30 pm
VenueSt. Peter's, Eastern Hill, Melbourne
Cost$15 (includes light refreshment)

Conductor: Fr Nicolas Frances, Executive Director, Brotherhood of St. Laurence



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