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Seminar 3:
Glory and flesh: The spirituality of John's gospel

John's Gospel was described by Clement of Alexandria as the 'spiritual gospel'. Is this a fair description of the Fourth Gospel? Does it suggest that John is in some sense otherworldly and perhaps even disconnected from the material world? Does it also imply that the other Gospels are somehow of lesser value in spiritual terms?

This seminar will explore aspects of Johannine spirituality - not as superior to the Synoptic Gospels, nor in a dualistic way that divides spirituality from materiality. Rather, John's understanding of life in the Spirit and prayer will be set in relation to the incarnation and the affirmation of bodily existence implied in that.

DateThursday 13 April
VenueSt. Peter's, Eastern Hill, Melbourne
Cost$15 (includes light refreshment)

Conductor: Revd Professor Dorothy Lee, Professor of New Testament, UCA Theological Hall, United Faculty of Theology



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