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Seminar 11:
'Two steps forward: one step back': Anglicans and Roman Catholics in dialogue

This important day of frank and wide-ranging dialogue between Anglicans and Roman Catholics will be chaired by Fr John Davis, Director of the Institute for Spiritual Studies, and member of AUSTARC.

  • The day will begin with aII outline of the sometimes tortuous path followed by the Anglican-Roman Catholic International Commission in reaching its Agreed Statement, The Gift of Authority. Hovering in the background of this work lay issues surrounding the ordination of women, and public statements from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, to which attention will be paid.
      Hopefully, something about current ARCIC work on Marian issues will also be included.
    Conductor: Revd Dr Charles Sherlock, Anglican representative on the NCCA Faith and Unity Commission, and a member of the Anglican-Roman Catholic International Commission. He is currently Senior Lecturer at Trinity College Theological School

  • Morna Sturrock is an active lay person in the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne and beyond. She has had a lifelong commitment to ecumenism, with a particular involvement in Anglican-Roman Catholic relations. Both as lay preacher and public speaker she offers hope, and many examples of the ways Christians interact, pray and worship together.
  • The 1999 Statement of the Anglican-Roman Catholic International Commission, The Gift of Authority, takes up the question of the ministry of the Bishop of Rome in a new light. Already there have been strong reactions from members of both Churches. Margaret and Peter will present this statement and assess it in the context of other ecumenical discussions on the papacy.
    Conductors: Sr Margaret Jenkins, member of the Congregation of St Brigid, teacher of theology at Yarra Theological Union, current member and past Chair of NCCA, member of AUSTARC.
    Fr Peter Cross, parish priest, teacher of theology at Catholic Theological College, former President of the Victorian Council of Churches, member of AUSTARC and ARCIC.


DateSaturday 7 October
Time10 am - 3.30 pm
VenueSt. Peter's, Eastern Hill, Melbourne
Cost$30 (includes lunch)



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