Upper Centre Panel of the Central Light
Archbishop Wand Receiving the Petition for Consecration

Upper centre panel of central light

The second panel of the central light pictures the scene outside the cathedral with the Archbishop of Brisbane, Dr William Wand, seated to hear the petition for the consecration of the Cathedral read to him by the builder, Mr Robert Jones. Bishop Strong, with his pastoral staff, and the former Bishop of New Guinea, Bishop Newton, are seen behind Bishop Wand, and the banners carried in the procession form the background—the Crossed Keys of St Peter being prominent opposite the bishop.

The date, 1939, is inscribed between this panel and the one above, forming part of both—as the inscription "Dogura" at the bottom of this scene can be seen as referring also to the panel underneath, linking these three panels to the one place in the Cathedral.

The theme of Truth is carried through this panel, in the work of the architects and labourers in the building of the cathedral, and in the words and ceremonies accompanying the petition for consecration.

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