Detail (hood showing the sacred monogram in an aureole)
from a cope of machine tapestry, English manufacture, 1926

Hood of cope made for F.E. Maynard

The resignation of Hughes in 1926 was followed by the appointment of F. E. Maynard, then rector of All Saints, Wickham Terrace, in Brisbane. Hughes was eager that Maynard should accept the position, and special conditions were created, including an assurance concerning his stipend, in the hope that he would accept. If Hughes believed that he was getting a pliable succesor, he had misjudged Maynard's character. However, in Maynard's first years there was generous funding for the fittings of the church from the former incumbent and, more importantly, from his wife. The cope of which this hood is a part was designed specifically for Maynard as the new incumbent. The orphreys and morse (clasp at the front) feature symbols of St Peter, and the length of the cope reflects Maynard's short stature. The orhpreys were originally lined with canvas duck, giving them an extraordinary stiffness. So stiff, indeed, that once when another short priest, Father Ivor Church, was wearing the cope, and turned to the congregation as he sang the versicle for the commencement of a procession, the cope remained stationary, and Church faced the congregation across the hood!

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