Refurbished Sanctuary Lamp and High Altar Candlesticks, June 2009

Refurbished Sanctuary Lamp

The Sanctuary Lamp, which burns a white light perpetually in front of the tabernacle on the high altar to indicate the presence of the Reserved Sacrament, was refurbished in June 2009. The candelsticks and crucifix on the high altar were refurbished at the same time.

This set of six matching candlesticks and crucifix, together with a pair of standards, are of Italian manufacture, c. 1928. They were purchased by Farnham Maynard during his trip to Europe in 1928, and were donated to St Peter's by Isabell Hughes, the wife of the previous vicar, Canon Ernest Hughes. The introduction of these candlesticks and crucifix was part of the redesign of the sanctuary initiated by Fr Maynard in 1928–29, during which the high altar was lengthened and raised to its present position.

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